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It is necessary to use secondary lines explicitly when a row begins on one page and ends on the next, or when learning an unmapped secondary line leads to an extraction. Refer to the following cases to understand more about these circumstances.

Case 1: A row begins on one page and ends on the next
If a table row begins on one page and ends on the next page, you must use the Learn as Secondary Lines function in lines learning mode to train missing secondary lines.
In this case, these secondary lines appear right before the first primary line on the page. Mark all the secondary lines by right-clicking and selecting Learn as Secondary Lines .
Note: Never use the Learn as Row function in this case, as this tells the engine that the first secondary line is actually a new sample of primary line. As a result, the engine may split table data into new rows.
Case 2: Learning of unmapped secondary lines leads to unwanted extraction
Sometime the engine extracts data from secondary lines when its not a requirement for your project. In this case, not learning these secondary lines prevents unnecessary extractions.
Use the Learn as Secondary Lines function instead of Learn as Row to learn certain lines. You can also Unlearn Lines to correct or adjust the extraction.