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Brainware Intelligent Capture Web Verifier

Web Verifier
Foundation 23.1

The indexing window displays the form defined in Designer and the current document.

The Form Pane

The form pane displays the form defined in Designer. A form area contains the following main elements.

  • Labels: Labels are captions that help users identify form fields, viewers and tables.
  • Viewer: A viewer contains pieces of document.
  • Fields: A field will display data and allow for entering or editing of data. Fields might be either a text field, table field, check box, list box, or a Yes/No selection. You can use fields to create check boxes and combo boxes.

The Document Pane

The document pane displays the current document or page. All words recognized during the OCR process are highlighted by default. To understand what the highlighting and box outlines represent, refer to the following list.

  • Red areas indicate the selection for the current field.
  • Yellow lines are candidates, however, another candidate is more likely. If the extraction result is invalid or wrong, these areas may point to the correct indexing data.
  • Gray lines highlight the unlearned lines in table correction mode.
  • Green lines highlight newly learned lines with high confidence.
  • Blue lines highlight newly learned lines with low confidence.
Note: Colors may vary due to customization.

The Input Pane

The input pane below the document displays an enlarged part of the document that relates to the field.

In the field below, you can modify the field content.