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Brainware Intelligent Capture Web Verifier

Web Verifier
Foundation 23.1

To check all the documents in a batch, complete the following steps.

  1. In Batch View, select a batch from the list that requires verification.
  2. Click the Verify Selected Batch button.
    Verification View displays the first document requiring correction.
  3. To display the first document in the batch, click the First Document button.
  4. Optional. You may encounter a document with incorrect classification.
    • For Verifier, press F7 to open the classification window. Next, select the corresponding entry from the drop-down list in the lower pane, and then press Enter to confirm.
    • For Web Verifier, select Reclassify Document Manually from the Options menu. Next, select the corresponding entry from the list at the bottom, and then press Enter to confirm.
    This displays the indexing window.
  5. Correct the extraction results by typing into the corresponding fields, and then press Enter to validate.
    • For Verifier, press F3 to return to the document.
  6. Go to the next document and repeat the previous steps.
    • For Verifier, press Ctrl + Alt + Page Down.
    • For Web Verifier, click the Next Document