Windows User Account Control Statement

Configuring the Distribution Service

Hyland Software is dedicated to ensuring that is compatible with Windows User Account Control (UAC). UAC is a feature of Windows operating systems that was introduced with Windows Vista. It limits the ability of standard users to make global system changes to a workstation and prevents malicious software from making unauthorized changes to protected areas.

For details on UAC, refer to your Microsoft support information or see

You may encounter UAC in when:

  • Installing or uninstalling , modules.

  • Copying, moving, or saving files to the Program Files directory, Windows directory, or another protected location.

  • Modifying system-wide settings, such as the registry.

  • Re-indexing a document or opening a scanned batch using published Internet Explorer from a Remote Desktop Server.

If Windows UAC is enabled, the above operations may prompt for administrator privileges or credentials, even if an administrator is currently logged on.