Supported File Types

Full-Text Search

The full list of supported file types is available from the File Types column of the Full-Text Search Module dialog box in the OnBase Configuration module. The File Types column is displayed on the Process tab. If you do not have access to the he OnBase Configuration module, contact your first line of support to determine the available file types for Full-Text Search.

The following supported file types have additional considerations.


See also, Unsupported File Types.

File Extension

File Type


CAD document


Special AutoCAD control characters (such as %%U used for underlining) can cause cause problems in searching. For example, the phrase "Living Room" may be underlined as "%%ULiving Room", which would mean that the phrase does not return when "living" is searched for, but does appear when "*living" is the search term.

htm / html

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)


If the original document is an HTML file, search results in non-form areas of the document are not highlighted.


MHTML web archive


Search results returned for *.mht files are not highlighted in the documents returned.