Full-Text Custom Queries

Full-Text Search

Full-text searches can be configured for use in Custom Queries. This allows users to perform a full-text search across the Document Types configured for the Custom Query.

The following items should be noted regarding Full-Text Custom Queries:

  • Full-Text Custom Queries are supported in the OnBase Client, Unity Client, Web Client, through the Unity API, and as part of DocPop Custom Query retrievals;

  • Full-Text Custom Queries are only available if your database is licensed forFull-Text Search ;

  • the only Document Types available for Full-Text Custom Queries are those that have been added to a Full-Text Search catalog.


For complete details on configuring and using Full-Text Custom Queries, see the System Administration module reference guide or the Configuration module help files. For details on using custom queries with DocPop, see the DocPop module reference guide or help files.