Searching in the Client

Full-Text Search

To conduct a full-text search in the OnBase Client:

  1. Open the Document Retrieval window by clicking the Retrieve Documents toolbar icon.
  2. Enter the term to search for in the Full Text field.
  3. You can limit the search in any or all of the following ways:
    • Select a specific Document Type Group and/or Document Types to include in the search.

    • Enter a date range. See, Specify Date Range Criteria.

    • If a single Document Type is being searched, you can also limit the search to those documents with the Keyword Type values entered. See, Specify Keyword Value Search Criteria.

    • Format the full-text search terms entered to perform complex searches. See, Complex Searches.

    If no limitations are entered, all documents in the Full-Text Search catalog are searched.

  4. Click the Find button.
  5. The search results are displayed in the Document Search Results window.

    If no results are found, the No Documents Found prompt is displayed.

    Click OK and try different search criteria, such as expanding a date range or using wildcards.

  6. See Full-Text Search Results for details on working with the results.