Specify Keyword Value Search Criteria

Full-Text Search

To limit a search by Keyword values assigned to the documents, enter the desired Keyword value in the appropriate Keyword Type field.

To create an additional Keyword Type search field, place your cursor in the first field and press F6, or choose the New option from the comparative operators drop-down list. For more information on comparative operators, see Comparative Operators.


For complete details on using Keyword Value search criteria, see the Client help files or module reference guide.

There are a few things to consider when performing a Keyword search with Full-Text Search:

  • If the Keyword searched for is a Security Keyword and the user performing the search does not have rights to view documents with that Security Keyword, that document is not returned as a result.

  • If a Security Keyword is assigned to a document multiple times with different values, and the user performing the search has the right to view documents with one of those Security Keyword values, that document is returned in the results list.