Full-Text Search Results

Full-Text Search

When a search results list is returned each document is listed by its auto-name string with a numerical score that indicates how closely the document matched the search criteria. The score is a percentage based on the number of matches compared to the total amount of text in the document. The higher the score, the more likely it is that the document matches the document you are searching for.

Documents are listed in descending order by score, such that the documents that returned a higher score are listed first.

The following items should be noted regarding the Search Results list:

  • The Search Results list only includes those documents the user has rights to view.

  • Full-Text Search opens the version that scored highest for relevance for each document that is found, which may not be the latest revision or rendition of that document. See also, Renditions and Revisions.

  • Not all standard OnBase results list functionality is available in the Full-Text Search Results list.

Double clicking an entry in the Search Results list displays the corresponding document in the Full-Text document viewer with the search results highlighted.


If the Document Type the document belongs to is configured to Bypass Full-Text Rendition, the original document is automatically opened when the document is displayed, not the Full-Text version of the document. If Open Latest Allowed Rendition is also configured, the most recent revision/rendition of the document the user has rights to view is displayed, even if that rendition no longer contains the term searched for. The search phrase is not highlighted when the original document is displayed.

There are the following exceptions when viewing documents in the full-text document viewer:

  • It is a best practice to ensure that all documents are rotated for natural, top-down viewing. If the OCR format for the Document Type containing a rotated document does not have rotation enabled, search results may not be highlighted correctly.

  • Soundex searches return accurate results, but in most situations the term searched for is not highlighted in the document when it is viewed.

  • Advanced functionality, such as notes and annotations, is not available in the Full-Text document viewer.

  • The document viewed in the Full-Text document viewer is read-only.

  • If Full-Text is unable to render a search results document, the original document in OnBase is displayed instead. Search results are not highlighted when the original document is displayed.