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Hyland RPA Conductor

Hyland RPA
Foundation 23.2
Besides the general configuration of the different tools and the steps required for deploying a process covered in Production, you need to perform additional steps to provide the system with other production-ready configuration values. Here is a list of steps you need to complete:
  1. About Creating the Clients
  2. About Creating the Productions
  3. Creating Encryption Keypairs and Adding Hyland RPA Conductor to Autostart
  4. About Maintaining Windows Credentials
  5. Please activate the productions or just start with a few of them created in About Creating the Productions.
  6. Everything should be in place now. Start the Hyland Login Service using the Services app and logout from the console session of the client or just reboot the whole system. In case there are Tasks, this client can execute, it will log in automatically, and the Hyland RPA Conductor will start task execution (as it was added to autostart). Depending on the Hyland RPA Conductor configuration, it might log out after the task, and the cycle of the Hyland Login Service can start again.