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Foundation 23.2

See the About the Client Table chapter of the Hyland RPA Manager documentation for details on how to create a client. In case you are using the multi-account mode, you need to create additional clients in the Hyland RPA Manager. Two client types require configuration in the database environment.

  1. The client that identifies the system

    This client is used to manage the license of Hyland Login Service. A typical ClientIdentificationExpression is "%COMPUTERNAME%". Do not maintain productions for this client in multi-account mode. For each system there must be only one client of this type.

  2. The client that identifies the system & user combination

    This client executes the tasks using the Hyland RPA Conductor. You need to assign one or more productions to those clients to process them. A typical ClientIdentificationExpression is %COMPUTERNAME%-%USERNAME%. For a system, there must be one or more clients of this type.

If you are using the single-account mode, there will be only one client record used for both: license management and productions. Therefore you need to use an IdentificationExpression like in option 1.