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Hyland RPA Conductor

Hyland RPA
Foundation 23.2
The Hyland RPA Manager is used to maintain and store Windows account information (credentials) used by the Hyland Login Service. We use the same encryption methods as used for regular credentials to encrypt windows account information by storing them asynchronously encrypted in our database. Only the instances which need to use the password can decrypt it.

To provide the database and clients with the keypairs needed, you need to login to every client/windows-account combination (which shall be used and start the Hyland RPA Conductor) for a minute. Step 1 and Step 2 should give you the information needed to cover all the required combinations. Regardless of Multi or single-account mode: Only clients with productions need to have an encryption keypair. When starting the Hyland RPA Conductor, it will check for the presence of such key pair used to protect the credentials. If the key pair does not exist, it will create one and deploy the public key to the database, while the private key is kept secure.

After a minute, you can exit the Hyland RPA Conductor again.

To allow the client to execute Tasks later, you need to add the Hyland RPA Conductor to Windows autostart. One option is:

  1. Hit Windows key + R The Run window will pop up at the lower left corner of your screen.
  2. Type in shell:startup and hit the OK button.
  3. A Windows Explorer will pop up having the start-up folder already opened.
  4. Use drag and drop with the right mouse button to drop the Hyland RPA Conductor executable in the start-up folder.
  5. A context menu will appear. Select Create Shortcut here.
After you added the Hyland RPA Conductor to Windows Autostart, you can logout again to continue with the next client/account combination.