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Hyland RPA Conductor

Hyland RPA
Foundation 23.2
The Hyland CredentialProvider is profoundly integrating into the Windows logon process. Therefore, it needs to be installed into the Windows directory of every system which shall use the Hyland LoginService. Execute the following steps to install the provider:
  1. Open Windows Explorer.
  2. Right-click on This PC and then on Properties.
  3. In the system section have a look at the system type (32-bit or 64-bit Operating System).
  4. Open Windows Explorer again and navigate to the Hyland Login Service distribution folder.
  5. In the sub-folder CredentialProvider, navigate to the subdirectory according to your operating system identified in step 3 (32-bit -> Win32, 64-bit -> x64).
  6. Copy the file LoginService.CredentialProvider.dll to your %WINDIR%\system32. You need administrator privileges for this step.
  7. Navigate back to the CredentialProvider folder and import the reg to your registry to attach the Hyland CredentialProvider to the windows logon process by double-clicking at it and accepting the confirmation message.
  8. Afterwards you will be able to see the Hyland Login Service at the windows logon screen (when you logged out or restarted the system):