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Hyland RPA Conductor

Hyland RPA
Foundation 23.2

The Client is the virtual workforce, which can be a physical workstation such as a common PC, or a virtual machine. The Client can be set up via the Hyland RPA Manager in the System Table Client.

To register the Client in the database, the following information must be entered:

Name Description
Description Client description
IdentificationExpression Windows environment variable used to identify the client. (for example, %COMPUTERNAME% or %COMPUTERNAME%-%USERNAME%). Volatile paths (for example, %TMP%) are not permitted.
IdentificationValue The value used for identification. (for example, value of %COMPUTERNAME%). It is the evaluated value based on the IdentificationExpression and has to be unique and static throughout the whole organization at any time.
EncryptionPublicKey The generated key used to encrypt the data transfer between the client and the database. The key will be generated by the Hyland RPA Conductor.