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Hyland RPA Conductor

Hyland RPA
Foundation 23.2

After all Clients, Workflows, and the Task manager are successfully registered in the database, the Production can be set up. The Production identifies which Clients should execute each process. This can be done under System Tables -> Production - New or under the production tab.

The following information needs to be entered:

Action Description
Client Select a registered Client.
Processor Select a registered Processor.
TaskManager Select a registered TaskManager.
ProcessorPath Set the path the WorkflowRobot.exe which should execute the workflow.
PROIsActive Activates and deactivates the Production.
ProtocolType Define whether the robot should create a protocol. Protocol Type 0 Disables the Protocol, Protocol Type 1 PDF, Protocol Type 2 HTML, Protocol Type 3 Both. The default file path is C:\Users\User\Desktop\Protocol\TaskTypeName\TaskID

To schedule your Production, see Scheduling Productions in the Hyland RPA Conductor documentation.