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Hyland RPA Conductor

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Foundation 23.2

Since an ampro file can utilize two different MainScriptRunners (DCO and PRO), we must be able to keep the two separated. For this situation we will use Task Type IDs. Note that it is necessary to create two Task Type IDs. These can be created under System Tables -> Task Type -> New.

The following input data will be expected:

Action Description
Description Individual description of the process for tracking and managing.
MappingType Short identification code.
DiversityField Obsolete property to support legacy systems.
DefaultPriority Default task priority for the defined Task Types. The default priority for DCO tasks should be higher than the priority for PRO tasks.
ExpectedSuccess Workflow success rate, which is agreed upon with the customer.
MaxRuntime Defined time, how long a workflow is allowed to be executed.

It is important to set the Task Type IDs in the environment parameters in the Hyland RPA Designer. During the process, the workflow robot will check which MainScriptRunners should be executed by pre-checking the Task Type.