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Hyland RPA Conductor

Hyland RPA
Foundation 23.2

The fileshare is used by Hyland RPA as a data exchange platform and the current scripts for the bots are stored here. All software applications are stored here as well. Through this mechanism, our software components can be updated automatically.

The bot itself stores the protocols, logs and screenshots on the fileshare so that they can be viewed later in the Hyland RPA Manager.

This video is based on the former AM products before the switch and re-branding to Hyland RPA.


In general, permissions for the fileshare should be assigned very restrictively. Hyland also recommends that users create two different drives. One for the logs, protocols and screenshots, and the other for the rollout.

Access should be established via Windows authentication. The bots only need read rights for the rollout drive, and write permissions are required for the log drive.

Only a very limited group should have access to the rollout drive. We recommend the use of GIT + Jenkins so that only a four-eyes concept may be implemented and only by Jenkins or the Admin.