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Hyland RPA Conductor

Hyland RPA
Foundation 23.2

A workflow is identified by its Processor ID. This ID is created in the database where the workflow is registered. You can create a new processor using the Hyland RPA Manager under System Tables --> Processor --> New.

The following input values are expected prior to creation:

Name Description
Description Processor description.
ProcessorCode Technical code (ID) used to identify the Processor.
Process Path Link to the stored .ampro file on the respective client.
DCO Task Type Choose your DCO Task Type. Each Task Type can only be related to on Processor.
PRO Task Type Choose your PRO Task Type. Each Task Type can only be related to on Processor.
AlertThreshold The expected success rate of the process (for example, 65%). The actual success rate can be checked using the Watchdog view.
IsBackgound Defines whether the process can be executed in the background, without using any kind of buy objects. In this case, a client can execute a front-end and a back-end task in parallel.

It is important to set the Processor in the environment parameters in the Hyland RPA Designer. During the process, the workflow robot will check whether it has received the correct workflow by pre-checking the Processor.