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Hyland RPA Conductor

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Foundation 23.2
The AM.Trigger.UI is mostly used during the development phase of the automation journey. The tool allows you to quickly generate tasks, which will then be processed from an unattended robot. See how you can create a task in the AM.Trigger.Ui in this article.
  1. Start the AM.Trigger.Ui.exe.
  2. Click on Settings and maintain a connection to your database environment using your SQL server credentials.
  3. Test your connection and press Save.
  4. Enter processor, task type, default priority (for example, 5) and the source(for example, the Trigger).
  5. Enter additional input data in a Data table (optional).
  6. Click on Create Task will generate your task. The task should be displayed in the Hyland RPA Manager after a couple of seconds.