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Hyland RPA Conductor

Hyland RPA
Foundation 23.2

Our system utilizes several components that act in concert and are listed below:

Client:The Client, operating on a physical workstation or as a virtual machine, is an instance on which the processes are run.

Server: The Server is the central database with connections to the internal domain. There are two sub-components that reside on the server:

  • Database for task storage
  • File share for robot scripts and logs

Hyland RPA Conductor: The Hyland RPA Conductor is a key background software system that fosters communication between the Client and the Server. One instance of the Hyland RPA Conductor is required to be installed on every client. Its primary objective is to look into the Database and identify tasks that need to be processed by the Client.

Hyland Trigger: The AM Trigger is another software system that creates tasks either automatically or manually through clicking a button.

Hyland Workflow Robot: The Workflow Robot is a Client sub-system tasked with executing the workflow.

Hyland RPA Manager:The Hyland RPA Manager is a software system that monitors the RPA process and the virtual workforce. The Hyland RPA Manager also maintains as a mirror of the task database.