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Hyland RPA Conductor

Hyland RPA
Foundation 23.2

The database is the central control system for managing, monitoring and improving the virtual staff. All components of the Hyland RPA communicate via the Database. Additionally, the administration of all bots is conducted through the database.

The database should be installed on the SQL Server or on any client. The "DB Installer" can be downloaded on the https://portal.anothermonday.com/#/login?redirect=/ under the product Hyland RPA Manager.

You can extract the file to any folder or desktop. Then start the "DB Installer" by double-clicking on HylandRPA.DatabaseInStaller.exe.

Note: The CONFIG file of the "DB Installer" also has a .exe in its name. If you have switched off the file name extension in your view, make sure that you open the file of type Application.

Name Description
(1) Data Source Set your server name incl. optional instance name.
(2) Integrated Security This selects the Windows Authentication. If the checkmark is not set, the authentication is done via its own SQL user and password in the provided fields.
(3) SQL User and Password If Integrated Security is checked, please enter your SQL credentials.
(4) Create New Database Select this if a new database must be created. Otherwise, click on the radio button Use Existing Database. Deselect this option in case you want to update an already existing database.
(5) Name Enter the new DB name as Name.
(6) Test Connection Click the Test Connection button. Expected result: Connection is valid. In case you have deselected Create New Database this also reads the existing databases and makes them available in the Name drop-down.
(7) Create New Database Click the button Create new Database.