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Service Broker on High Availability SQL Server

In case you are using the Microsoft SQL Server on a High Availability Cluster some additional actions might be required. In such a situation the Database Installer will raise an error message informing about some operations being not allowed in a database mirroring session or on an availability group.

Such a situation can usually be resolved by one of the following solutions:

  1. Temporary remove the database from High Availability Group and restart the Database Installer to initialize the already existing database. Additional information on how to remove a database from a High Availability Group can be found at Microsoft.
  2. Remove the freshly created database again and create a new one upfront (for example, with the MS SQL Management Studio). Enable the Service Broker for the new database and use the Database Installer selecting the option "Use Existing Database" to initialize the freshly created one. For more information on how to enable the Service Broker on High Availability Groups, see the Microsoft documentation.