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Hyland RPA Conductor

Hyland RPA
Foundation 23.2

The Workflow robot is the client component responsible for executing the workflow. The path to the WorkflowRobot.exe should be registered in the database by creating the Production in the Hyland RPA Manager.

Go to the Hyland RPA Manager >> System Tables >> Production or see About Productions.

In addition you need to configure the AM.WorkflowRobot.exe.config. Again, Hyland recommends that you use Notepad++ to perform these edits. Two values should be set: ActivityfolderPath and LibariesFolderPath. The string must be inside the quotation marks. If ActivityfolderPath is left blank, Activities will be loaded from the WorkflowRobot directory by default. The Workflowrobot also supports environment variables.

You also need to change the Connectionstring inside the Workflowrobot-Configfile. The string must be inside the quotation marks.