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The Control flow activities include loops, structure activities, error handling and decisions.


Activity Description
Building Block Flowchart Create a Building Block Flowchart.
Building Block Sequence Create a Building Block Sequence.
Delay Task Set the status of the task to Delayed.
Finish Workflow Marks the successful completion of the workflow and writes a remark to the database.
Flowchart End Marks the end of a flowchart.
Technical Sequence Creates a technical sequence.
Invoke Workflow Inserts an existing microbot inside the workflow.
Flowchart A logical container for multiple actions in the form of a flowchart diagram.
Switch Multiple options/cases to process in the process flow.
Sequence Logical container for multiple actions.
Invoke Command Shell Starts a process through the command shell.
Wait/Delay Delays the process for a specified time, which the user can define in the format [HH:MM:SS].

Error Handling

Activity Description
Try Catch AM Executes the activities in the Try block. Exceptions defined in the Catch block can be caught and handled.
Clean Application Exit Closes the current application. Please check your clean screen exit sequences.
Raise Error Raises a technical error for a user defined situation.
Workflow Activity Wrap the workflow activity around a process activity to catch and handle unexpected errors.
Try Catch Method for handling critical statements. Try attempts to successfully execute a critical statement. If successful, the Catch part is not executed. On failure, Catch handles the possible exceptions of the critical statement.


Activity Description
Break Loop Executes a break in the loop.
For each Loop Iterates through all selected elements of a particular type and executes the activities within the body.
For each Loop with Index Works like the For each loop and gives the user the ability to access the index.
For each Row Iterates through all rows of a table, performing the activities in the loop for each row.
For each UI Element Iterates through all selected items and executes the activities in the loop for each of them.
For each Key Value Pair Iterates over all key-value pairs in the selected dictionary.
Retry Scope Performs an action until the condition is true, while loop.


Activity Description
Is false Claims that a statement is false.
Is true Claims that a statement is true.
Decision Decision point for which the user can define the condition.
If Contains a statement and two conditions.