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The validation mode is a feature to facilitate debugging of a process by enabling the user to find all errors and warnings with only one click. This feature is in particular useful in case of big processes using shared microbots or those which were imported from Hyland RPA Analyst.

Despite the different run methods, we provide the user the possibility to validate the workflow prior execution. The workflow validation does check the selected workflow file (XAML file) including all microbots linked in workflow for errors. Of course, microbots can also be validated individually.

Depending on the size of the process, the workflow validation might take a while.

To indicate that RPA Designer is busy, we show a wait screen as long as the validation lasts. As a result of the validation an error list is provided in the bottom pane, listing up all errors found inside the workflow.

The list contains the following columns

Column Description
Display Name The name set for the activity.
Activity Type The technical name of the activity.
File The project part in which the error occurs.
Error Type Different symbols for errors and warnings. Errors due disturb the workflow execution whereas warnings are only hints for the user without any effect on the execution.
Remark A short description of the error.

The list can be filtered and allows navigation to the listed errors and warnings by double-clicking on the desired row entry.

The user is automatically navigated to the erroneous activity preventing unnecessary long troubleshooting.