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Handled errors are errors of the type RaiseErrorException and are deliberately thrown by the user using the Raise Error Activity. In most cases, handled errors are business exceptions such as process limitations for special cases and must be followed by a specific action such as sending a mail to the responsible person/inbox.

RaiseErrorExeptions can be either of the type "technical" or "business". The declaration of this type determines whether the task is stored in the database with the status "stopped" or "error aborted" when this error is thrown.

The concept of Workflow Activity takes care of such errors. In case of a handled error being thrown inside the process, the workflow execution continues with the workflow section "On handled errors." By default, Clean Application Exit is executed in the beginning of this block to ensure an empty screen before starting to execute the defined strategy. This ensures that the block is equally usable for errors of different types and at different points in the process. At the end of the section, we have an activity that re-throws the previous error to provide this information to the user. The error remark is written in the database and can be viewed in Hyland RPA Manager.