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The Pop-up Watcher is a parallel running script whose task is to handle and close predefined but random pop-ups.

This is especially useful if the user doesn't know when the pop-ups occur. Only pop-ups for which a strategy has been defined can be closed.

The Pop-up Watcher is a separate workflow file inside the project. It can be found inside the solution explorer and opened by a double-left-click.

Note: Executing the Pop-up Watcher in RPA Designer is not possible.


  1. Click on Properties on the right side pane.

  2. Double-click popupwatcher.xaml to open the Pop-up Watcher process chart inside RPA Designer. Here you can define which pop-ups to act on and you can define the actions.

  3. Insert On Foreground Activity inside the Pop-up Watcher process.

  4. Double-click On Foreground Activity to expand it.

  5. Click Indicate on the Screen to indicate the type of pop-up window you want the Pop-up watcher to address,

  6. Insert activities to close the pop-up window inside the flowchart.


The Pop-up Watcher is executed automatically if the process is executed via the AM workflow robot, and it runs in parallel to the executed workflow. Whenever one of the predefined windows occurs, it is recognized, and the defined strategy is executed.

Note: Closing a pop-up may take a moment. Users should make use of delays in case the workflow execution struggles with the pop-up and forces the main process to wait for the Pop-up Watcher to close the window.