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Normally, the user would click a text field on the screen and type the content using the keyboard. This is exactly what the text activities are simulating. As input, the activities expect the specific text and the methodology with which the activity should set the text. Hyland RPA is providing three different methods:

Activity Description
Set Text When it comes to simple text which is readable and settable for every user, Hyland RPA provides the Set Text Activity. It will click and set the text to the text field which is indicated by the user.
Set Secure Text Not every text is just a simple string. When it comes to login data or other secure text input, Hyland RPA provides the Set Secure Text Activity, to enable the interaction with text field which expects a SecureString as input.
Get Text To get a text from an element, it is necessary to save the input into a variable. This is what the activity does. It saves the text from the indicated element into the inserted variable. Be sure that the variable is a string.

There are also some activities, which are designed to get a text from certain applications like Word or PDF files. Please look at the specific chapters made for these activities.