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Foundation 23.2

Microsoft Excel is a common tool in automation projects. Hyland RPA Designer and its activities offer various ways to interact with Microsoft Excel.

Activity Description
Open workbook Excel scope activity, that open's or creates a workbook.
Close workbook Close a workbook.
Append range Write a defined range for example, from a Data Table into an Excel sheet.
Clear filter Clear all filters inside the sheet or table.
Delete column Delete a column in a sheet or table.
Encrypt workbook Encrypt an Excel workbook. The password is then required as an input.
Execute macro Execute an Excel macro.
Filter table Set a filter on a sheet or table.
Find range Search for a value throughout the sheet or within a defined range.
Get cell color Readout the color of a cell and return the color as a String.
Get cell formula Readout the cell formula and return it as a String.
Get cell value Readout the value of a cell and return it as a String.
Insert column Insert a column into a sheet or table.
Read range Readout a range and store all values in a DataTable.
Set range color Color a range with the chosen Color.
Sort table Sort a sheet or table.
To CSV Convert the workbook into a CSV file
Write range Write a DataTable into a sheet.
Write cell Write a text into a cell.
Note: You can choose between two different Excel providers. To use the Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel assembly. you need to have MS Excel installed and OfficeInteropt selected as Excel provider. If you don´t have MS Excel installed on your client select ExcelFile as provider. The provider just needs to be chosen in the Open Workbook Activity, so it´s valid for all activities inside this scope.