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Hyland RPA Designer

Hyland RPA
Foundation 23.2

To use the SAP GridView activities of the Hyland RPA Designer, you have to prepare the following activity structure within your workflow.

1. "Open or Attach Application": SAP

1.1. "Attach Window": SAP Window with GridView

1.1.1. "Get SAP GridView": Indicate your GridView on screen [Your SAP Grid Activity] [Your SAP Grid Activity] [Your SAP Grid Activity]

Subsequently you have to open the given SAP application on the specific window where your GridView is displayed. Now, open the Script Recording and Playback menu of SAP and click on the record button (see below). As soon as SAP is recording, click on the Button, Cell, Row or whatever element you would like to interact with. You can click several after another.

After finishing the record with a click on the rectangle within the Script Recording and Playback menu, you will find your record when following the displayed folder path. Open the created script with Notepad ++ or Notepad. You will find the necessary information of the given element in that document. Another opportunity to get the technical information associated with any element in SAP is to set the focus on the given element and press "f1".

Depending on the activity you would like to perform you have to choose different SAP Gridview activities. All of them will ask you within their Pop-ups for additional information for execution that you have been gathering beforehand.