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Now we will add activities to save the file and close Notepad.

  1. In the Activities pane, locate the Press Hotkey and drag it into the flowchart, connecting it with the Set Text activity.
  2. Double-click the Press Hotkey and select Ctrl and S to enable the robot to save the file.
    Your process now looks like this:
  3. In Notepad, press Ctrl - S.
    Windows Explorer opens.
  4. Since this is a new window, you must define it for the robot. Go up one level in the hierarchy and add an Attach Window activity under the first notepad window.
  5. Double-click the new Attach Window activity and indicate the Save as dialog box.
  6. Use the Set Text activity again to define the name of the document, for example, MyFirstProcess.
    Note: You can always change the static text or variable in the properties of the Set Text activity.
  7. In the Save as dialog box, indicate the file name field.
  8. In the Activities pane, locate the Click Element activity and drag it into the flowchart, connecting it with the Set Text activity to enable the robot to click the Save button. Use Indicate on Screen again.
    Note: If you want to indicate something again or use our expert indicator, click on the burger menu in the upper right corner of the activity.
  9. To close Notepad, you must attach a third window, since the title of your Notepad window has changed and drag a Close Window activity into the flowchart.
    Your workflow now looks like this - the first screenshot shows the window level, the second one shows the third window.
  10. The robot is now ready for use. In the upper left corner, click to try it out.
  11. Watch as the robot enters text into Notepad, saves the file, and closes Notepad.
    Note: If you have already saved a file with this name, the robot will stop with the error message File already exists. Be sure to delete the file before restarting your robot.
For information on how to fully automate your process, see the Production chapter in the RPA Conductor documentation.

Don't forget to also maintain the platform information such as database, processor, and task type in RPA Designer to make your robot running. See About the Processor and About Task Types in the Hyland RPA Conductor documentation for more information.