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Hyland RPA Designer

Hyland RPA
Foundation 23.2

The Settings menu includes general settings for RPA Designer like project parameters, the customization of the quick access toolbar and the repository configuration.

  1. To access the Settings menu, in the left pane, click Settings.
    The Hyland RPA Designer Settings pane is displayed.
  2. To configure the Pop-up Settings for artifacts, select the General tab.
    Note: If you have established a database connection and selected Notification for existing artefacts after changing the selector value of an activity, you will always be notified if you are using already existing artifacts.
  3. To configure the Quick Access Toolbar:
    1. Select Quick Access Toolbar.
    2. In the Choose commands from list, select the command you want to add and then click Add.
    3. To remove a command from the Quick Access Toolbar, in the Customize the Quick Access Toolbar list, select the command you want to remove and then click Remove.
    The following commands are available:
    Command Description
    Open Open a recent project or a project stored on your computer.
    Save Save the project.
    Undo Undo the previous action.
    Redo Redo the previous action.
    Variable Management Access to the variable management view.
    Back Navigate back within the workflow outline.
  4. To configure the repository paths for the activities, microbots and skeletons:
    1. Select Repositories.
    2. Modify the paths as required.
    Note: You can also use environment variables to set the repository paths, for example, %APPDATA%.