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Foundation 23.2

To add an activity to the workflow:

  1. From the Activities pane, drag the required activity, for example Set Text to the node in the Workflow pane to which you want to connect the activity to and release it on one of the arrows that appear around the node.

    For most activities, a dialog box is displayed when the user drops an activity in the Workflow pane. The appearance of the dialog depends on the activity and contains all the properties required for a successful execution.

    The Inputs dialog box is displayed.

  2. Do one of the following:
    • Select Select or create Variable and then select an existing variable from the drop-down list or enter the name of a new variable in the field below (1).
    • Select Input Text and then enter the text in the field below (2).
  3. Click Okay.
  4. (Optional) To display the Inputs dialog box again, press Ctrl + Alt + V.