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Hyland RPA Designer

Hyland RPA
Foundation 23.2

To access the context menu in the Workflow pane, right-click on an activity element.

The following actions are available in the context menu:

Action Description
Open Navigate to the scope or activity details.
Cut Cut the activity.
Copy Copy the activity.
Paste Paste the activity.
Delete Delete the activity.
Annotations Add, edit or delete annotations.
Breakpoint Insert or remove breakpoints.

Breakpoints can be used to pause the process when it reaches a specific activity.

Copy as Image Copy the activity and its scope as an image.
Save as Image Save the activity and its scope as an image.
Create Variable Open the variable tab to create a new variable.
Expand all Expand all activities inside the scope.
Collapse all Collapse all activities inside the scope.
Wrap with Try-Catch Wrap the activity with a try-catch scope.
Comment out Comment out the activity.
Uncomment Uncomment the activity.
Remove redundant sequences Remove redundant sequences.
Extract workflow Extract the current workflow as a local workflow or a Microbot.
Edit Variables Open the variable pop-up to edit defined variables.
Set as Start Node Connects the activity as the first activity within the process flow.