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Foundation 23.2

Activities targeting the UI elements can be divided into two categories, input providing or output getting.


Activity Description
Activate Element Performs activating an element such as a radio button.
Bring to Foreground Indicates an element and brings the window to the foreground in which this element is integrated.
Toggle Element Toggles an element (for example, switch).
Check Element Performs checking an element such as a check-box.
Expand Element Expands an element like a tree element or a combo box.
Select Drop-down Element Performs the selection of an element in a drop-down element.
Click Element Performs a click interaction on an element.
Set Text Write a text into a text field.
Press Key Performs a key press.
Press Hotkey Performs simultaneously multiple key presses (hotkeys).
Wait Element Appear Waits a defined time for a certain element to appear as a base for a decision. The user can define whether the appearance is coded with true or false.
Wait Element Vanish Waits a defined time for a certain element to vanish as a base for a decision.


Activity Description
Find Elements Finds the child or descendant elements from a given target that matches the specified selector.
Get all UI Elements Gets all UI Elements matching the given selector value.
Get Element Gets an indicated element.
Get Text Reads out an element and saves the text.
Take Element Screenshot Takes a screenshot of an element.