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Foundation 23.2
  • The following code sets the value of a string.

    myString = "Thank God It's Monday"
  • Escape double quotes by two pairs of double quotes

    "Eric said: ""That's a great car!""" 
  • Access a specific character within a string; returns: a

    mySpecialChar = myString(2)
  • Retrieve the starting index of the string; returns: 6

    myIndex = myString.IndexOf("God")
  • Retrieves a substring by specifying starting index & length; returns: God

    mySubstring = myString.Substring(6, 3)
  • Replace the first input parameter with the second; returns: Thank God It's Friday

    myReplacedString = myString.Replace("Monday", "Friday")
  • Remove white spaces at the beginning & end of a string

    myTrimmedString = myString.Trim()
  • Changes all characters to lower case letters; returns: thank god it's Monday

    myStringLowerCase = myString.ToLower()
  • Changes all characters to upper case letters; returns: THANK GOD IT'S MONDAY

    myStringUpperCase = myString.ToUpper()