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Hyland RPA
Foundation 23.2

Get the Skleletons

The Skeleton Activities are available on GitHub.

Configuration and Renaming

The first step is to rename the solution, project and the corresponding namespaces to the new name. Also, rename the file AM.Skeleton.Activites_metadata.xml in the activities project (AM.Skeleton.Activities).

Recommended naming structure: AM. interface/functionpackage.Activities.

Activity preparation

We can delete the ExampleActivity.cs and create our first activity CalculateFromStringActivity. Let the new class inherit from AbstractCodeActivity, implement the missing methods and make the class public sealed. Since we have already defined input and output, we add the following variables.


  • public InArgument<string> CalculationString { get; set; }
  • public OutArgument<int> Result { get; set; }

Proceed the same way with the second activity CalculateSimpleActivity. Since we want to select the basic arithmetic operation, we need to create an Enum. Create in your application project a new file ElementaryArithmetic.cs with a public enum ElementaryArithmetic.


  • public InArgument<int> NumberOne { get; set; }
  • public InArgument<int> NumberTwo { get; set; }
  • public ElementaryArithmetic CalculationMethod { get; set; }
  • public OutArgument<string> Result { get; set; }

We will discuss the use of InArgument and OutArgument later.