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Activities can be used without a design, but will display a default layout inside RPA Designer.

To create a custom design, add a new ActivityDesigner to the AM.AwesomeCalculator.Activities.Design named StringCalculatorDesinger.

To indicate that the new design is intended for the Analyst view, we need to add the following line to the StringCalculatorDesinger.xaml.cs file, above the class name:


To create a Developer view, use the following line:


To use this design as default, add the following resource dictionary inside the StringCalculatorDesinger.xaml:

             <ResourceDictionary Source="pack://application:,,/AM.Common.Activities.Design;component/StylingDictionaries/ActivityStyling.xaml" />
                 <amConverters:PropertyDescriptionConverter x:Key="PropertyDescriptionConverter" />
                 <ArgumentToExpressionConverter x:Key="ArgumentToExpressionConverter" 
 xmlns="clr-namespace:System.Activities.Presentation.Converters;assembly=System.Activities.Presentation" />


To use your custom activity, compile the solution and copy all files from the SkeletonActivity folder into the Libraries folder of RPA Designer.

Usage in Designer

In RPA Designer, you can use your custom activity from the library tab.