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Hyland RPA

Hyland RPA
Hyland RPA
Foundation 23.2

Before we start developing, we have to think about what we desire the activity to do. You should ask yourself two central questions.

  1. Input: What kind of data is at my disposal?
  2. Output: What kind of data should the activity return

Awesome Calculator - Example

For this tutorial we will develop the following activities:

The first activity takes a string as input, with a simple arithmetic formula of numbers and the four basic operations (plus, minus, multiply and divided) and will perform a calculation on it.

  • Name: CalculateFromStringActivity
  • Input: Calculation as String, e. g. 1 + 3
  • Output: The result is an integer

The second activity is also intended to perform a calculation, but this time the values are passed directly as input.

  • Name: CalculateSimpleActivity
  • Input: Number 1 as int, number 2 as int and the calculation type should be selectable via a drop-down list
  • Output: The result as int