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Hyland RPA
Hyland RPA
Foundation 23.2

During the analysis phase we create detailed Click Diagrams of the automation task.

Our Business Analysts use two of our tools to produce this documentation:

  • Hyland RPA Analyst
  • Hyland RPA Designer

Working as efficiently as possible, we use Hyland RPA Analyst to create a detailed click manual and process draft as input for Hyland RPA Designer.

This working draft can be revised at any point to create a functioning and logical click workflow. As part of the design process, we split the tasks to be performed by two additional components of our automation system:

  • The DataCollector (DCO)
  • The ProcessingRobot (PRO)

We use Hyland RPA Designer to build the automation and all key variants within.

Additionally, we build in all exception handling within this phase of the script's drafting.

Once the final edits are completed, the process flowchart is extracted from RPA Designer as an XML file.