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Hyland RPA

Hyland RPA
Hyland RPA
Foundation 23.2

Hyland RPA (Robotoc Process Automation) is a software suite specifically designed to support every automation phase from process documentation to maintenance. Hyland RPA creates synergies across people and departments.

Automation only comes to life when all its actors are in perfect sync - RPA Analyst who hands over to RPA Designer, RPA Conductor who sets the timing.

Normally, Robotic Process Automation and its software products are limited to a small part of the automation process - the development and operational phases. Hyland RPA supports all phases of the automation process.

Hyland RPA is the result of years of automation experience and best practice. For each automation phase, we have developed target-group-specific software that fosters interaction and communication. Hyland RPA makes Robotic Process Automation understandable and feasible for everyone.