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Should changes occur in any underlying software agents, such as a change in a UI, the entire bot does not need to be rewritten.

This is a unique feature of our architecture and solutions. Instead, we handle these changes by adjusting Artefacts. Through Artefacts, global changes such as selector values can be adjusted in a single location. This allows users to make simple changes that require little time and effort.

Similarly, if something is changed in the process logic, the entire bot does not need to be rewritten. Instead, the changes are implemented by changing Mircrobots in RPA Designer. Each process in which this change is required is then automatically updated.

Finally, in the situation where a new screen pop-up is encountered that could interfere with the bot's functionality, we use the Pop-Up Watcher. The Pop-Up Watcher helps us to build logic around additional, previously unencountered, pop-up events.