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Hyland RPA Installation

Hyland RPA
Installation and Update
Foundation 23.2
After activating the first instance, you need to create at least one agent for it. Remember, the instance is the computer, and the agent is the user login on that computer.

Agents are assigned to one or more groups to indicate which processes they are allowed to work on.

To create an agent:

  1. In RPA Web Manager, in the left pane, select Instances and agents.
    The available instances are displayed in the table.
  2. Click next to the instance, and the select Agents.
  3. In the Manage Agents dialog box, click Add.jpg.
  4. Enter the user name and password of the user whose credentials you want to use for the agent.
    You must enter the user name in one of the following formats:
    • InstanceName\AgentName

      Example: DESKTOP-E62F2BI\Robot

    • AgentName@InstanceName

      Example: Robot@DESKTOP-E62F2BI

      If you are logged on to the agent, RPA Conductor performs the agent registration. If you are not logged in to the agent, the Conductor API logs on to the added agent to perform the agent registration and then proceeds according to the Logout mode specified in the instance settings.

  5. Click
  6. (Optional) Create additional instances and agents as needed.