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Hyland RPA Installation

Hyland RPA
Installation and Update
Foundation 23.2

Hyland RPA Launcher enables you to easily install and update our RPA applications and create Rollout-Kits for the following applications:

  • RPA Designer
  • RPA Conductor
  • RPA Manager
  • Login Service
  • RPA Analyst
Note: The database installer is not yet included in the Hyland RPA Launcher. If a database update is required, please visit our Customer Portal to download the respective database installer version. The installer can be found in the product section Hyland RPA Manager.

To download Hyland RPA Launcher, click here.

Note: If you have a proxy server in place, Hyland RPA Launcher will not be able to access your license server and therefore cannot be executed. In this case, navigate to the Customer Portal and download the applications separately, as described in Installing an Application.

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