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Hyland RPA Installation

Hyland RPA
Installation and Update
Foundation 23.2

Can I install Beta-Releases with Hyland RPA Launcher?

Yes, you can. Simply go to the Settings and enable the beta update channel. Now, if there is a new beta of a product available, you will get an update notification. Please be aware of possible problems using a beta version. To apply this change, you need to exit the Launcher in the tray on the bottom right and then restart it.

Why can I maintain environments in Hyland RPA Launcher settings?

The environment inside the Hyland RPA Launcher settings is used to configure certain products for your specific environment. Per default, we will use your default environment. As of today, we only configure the RPA Conductor during the installation process. Additional products will follow with future updates.

Which environment is used when I install the RPA Conductor?

When you install RPA Conductor, we will use your default environment to configure the Hyland RPA Conductor for you. So, with one click on Install the RPA Conductor & the latest Activities are installed on your system, under the same folder path logic. Your RPA Conductor is ready to go after the installation is completed incl. the encrypted connection string. The Workflowrobot is also configured with the encrypted connection and the activity folder path, based on your default installation path.

How can I set a default environment?

Navigate to Settings - Environments and right-click on the environment. Choose Make default in the context menu. You can also edit the environment and change the default environment there.

Does the Hyland RPA Launcher activate my products?

Yes, with an active Internet connection we will try to activate your product against our license services. If the activation failed, you need to activate the application during the first launch of the app.

How can I manage Enterprise Plug-ins using the Hyland RPA Launcher?

Enterprise plug-ins can easily be handled on the product page of the Hyland RPA Launcher. If you have purchased a license for an enterprise plug-in, it will be shown on the detail page. Here you can, install and activate your plug-in as well as disable and enable it for the product.

Note: To make the changes applicable in the product, the product is not allowed to be running.

Is there a way to use the Hyland RPA Launcher when my company is using a proxy server?

Yes, it is. Go to settings and choose the tab proxy. Here, you have the possibility to either automatically detect the proxy-settings (default) or manually set them. In any case, afterward you will be asked for further authentication.