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Hyland RPA Installation

Hyland RPA
Installation and Update
Foundation 23.2
To log on to RPA Platform:
  1. Log on to the Customer Portal.
  2. In the Customer Portal, in the left pane, select Hyland RPA Platform.
  3. In the middle pane, on the Hyland RPA Platform tile, click Details.
  4. Select Product Downloads.
  5. In the Action column, click Get Files.
  6. Download and unzip the Readme_First.zip. which contains the username and password.
  7. From the \HylandRPA\deployment\Identity\ directory, open appsettings.json with a text editor.
  8. Search for LoginUrl and copy the URL to the clipboard.
  9. Paste the URL into a browser and then press Enter.

    The Hyland RPA Identity login dialog is displayed.

    Note: Hyland RPA does not support Internet Explorer.
  10. Enter the User name and Password contained in the Readme file.
  11. Click Sign in.