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Hyland RPA Release Notes

Hyland RPA
Release Notes
Foundation 23.2

Welcome aboard the next generation of Hyland RPA Platform.

Our brand-new release of Hyland RPA Platform includes a new, modernized web application for RPA Manager and the Hyland RPA Platform Rest API.

You will notice a big difference between the legacy Hyland RPA products and the Hyland RPA Platform products.


As mentioned before, RPA Manager has been transformed from a desktop application into a web application with a new modern look, a simplified user interface, and the possibility to choose between dark and light theme.


The Dashboard provides you with an overview of the overall platform performance. Quick filter options are available to track the performance of individual processes.


Throughout the application, we focused on simplified user workflows. You're now able to quickly create a process and upload the .ampro files from Hyland RPA Designer to Hyland RPA Platform within seconds. The Hyland RPA Conductor Platform also downloads the required .ampro files prior to task automation.

Task Configuration

You will notice that the Task type has been replaced by the Task configuration, providing you with more options to customize reporting KPIs and options for the Data collector and Processor.


The new groups make it incredible easy to orchestrate and launch new automations. Groups are replacing the Productions used in the legacy RPA products. In a simple way, the Group brings together the Process and the Agents who are allowed to execute tasks.

In addition, the Group offers new scheduling capabilities which allow you to specify at what time and on what day of the week tasks should be executed.


You want to execute tasks between regular business hours of 08:00 am to 05.00 pm.

This use case can be easily accomplished with the new scheduling options. In the morning, the assigned agents pull the remaining pending tasks and in the evening they stop pulling new work until the cycle starts over.


Another change is the addition and integration of the Triggers into RPA Manager. Based on the defined group schedule, the user can trigger the creation of tasks.


The reports also received additional reporting capabilities. The first addition to the existing Process Report is the Task burndown report, which provides you with a general overview about the number of tasks created versus the number of tasks completed.


Activities are now managed within the Hyland RPA Platform. Administrators can simply upload the required Activity version and the RPA Conductor Platform will pull and store the required version during task execution.