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Hyland RPA Release Notes

Hyland RPA
Release Notes
Foundation 23.2

This release provides the following new features:

  • The OpenAPI Request Activity activity provides a wizard that you can use to set up a REST API connection for JSON documents which are aligned with the Open API Specification 2.0 and 3.0.

    For more information, see "Web | OpenAPI Request Activity" in the Hyland RPA Activities help.

  • The very first integration with the Alfresco product, through a set of activities for Alfresco Process Services (APS).

    The following Alfresco Process Services activities are available:

    • APS Scope
    • Create Process Instance Variable
    • Delete Process Instance Variable
    • Get Process Instance Information
    • Read Process Instance Information
    • Start Process Instance
    • Update Process Instance Variable

Selenium WebDriver

RPA Activities version 22.2 contains the Chrome and Edge drivers 99 to 104. We highly recommend to upgrade to version 104. For information on how to install another driver, see Selenium Web Driver is Out of Date.