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Hyland RPA Release Notes

Hyland RPA
Release Notes
Foundation 23.2

New Features

This release includes the following new activity:

  • Alfresco Content Services

    • Content Services Scope

    • Create Folder

    • Delete File/Folder

    • Get Metadata

    • Update File

    • Update Metadata

    • Upload File

    For more information, see “Hyland | Alfresco | Content Services” in the Hyland RPA Activities Help.

This release includes the following new features for existing activities:

  • The Invoke VB Code activity now provides the possibility to validate the code.

  • The Send Mail Messages activities now provide the property Priority, which can be used to specify whether the emails should be send with normal, high, or low priority.

  • The String Contains activity now provides the property Ignore Case, which can be used to specify whether the case of the compared strings should be ignored.

  • The option APPS (Application Key) has been added to the Press Key activity.

  • The Create Task activity now displays a warning if the user selects an invalid property combination.

  • The Directory Exists activity has been removed, since the Path Exists activity, with the property Path Type set to Folder, provides the same functionality.

  • The OPENAPI Request activity now throws an error when required input parameters are missing.

  • All occurrences of ExcelFile have been renamed to Syncfusion.

Fixed Defects

This release includes the following fixed defects:

  • Click Element activity: Check boxes were not toggled for Java applications.

  • OpenAPI Request activity: Uploading a file did not work when loading the settings from a OpenAPI document that follows the OpenAPI 3.x specification.

  • OpenAPI Request activity: In the wizard, the user could click the Next button without specifying the Target Server URL.

  • Finish Workflow activity: The superfluous error code ‘0’ has been removed from the remark.

  • Delete Mail By ID (Exchange) activity: The Delete Mode activity was not taken into account.

  • Wait Element Vanishes activity: Resolved an issue where the selector value was not considered.

  • The Execute Clean Application Exit property has been temporarily removed from the activities Open Application, Attach Application, Open or Attach Application, Open Browser, Attach Browser, and Open or Attach Browser activities.