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Hyland RPA Release Notes

Hyland RPA
Release Notes
Foundation 23.2

New Features and Enhancements

This release includes the following new features and enhancements:

  • AMPRO files are now saved compressed, which significantly reduces the file size.

  • The variable type DataTable has been added to the list of default variable types.

  • The New pane has been redesigned. Templates are now grouped in their own section.

  • The Properties entry in the context menu of Activities had no function and has therefor been removed.

  • The Run with Task dialog box has been revised.

  • The Extract Workflow entry in the context menu of Activities has been disabled for Microbots.

  • The Undo and Redo buttons are now disabled when no corresponding actions are available.

  • The tooltips on the Quick Access Toolbar now display their corresponding shortcuts.

  • The Save As dialog box now contains the file name of the current project.

Fixed Defects

This release includes the following fixed defects:

  • Namespaces were lost when upgrading a process from version 1.37 to 1.40 or higher.

  • The user could select non-XAML files in the Microbot repository.

  • The user was prompted to back up when creating a new project and incompatible custom activities were present.

  • The down arrow in the annotation dialog box was missing,

  • Whitespaces could be added in the Add New Workflow File dialog box.

  • A mirrored variable was not immediately visible in the arguments list of a Microbot.

  • When the maximum capacity of the Recent Projects list was reached, the most recent projects were removed from the list instead of the oldest ones.

  • Resolved an issue where dragging in an Assign activity lead to an unexpected error.